Hotel Marlowe, Cambridge, MA = More of the same

August 18, 2010

Dang.  Twice in a row.  My guess is that the poor beleaguered Kimpton chain has become so popular that they’re getting too full. Always. Last time I was here, I was lost in the crush. This time too. Been here before? Sure, maybe 15 times…  Um, got a computer?

Everyone at the front desk is sincerely nice about giving you a room that you don’t actually want. But guess what? It’s a room you don’t want. Even the Marlowe, a long time favorite, is in need of replacement.

I’m in town for a meeting in Bedford, but instead of sucking it up and staying at the Doubletree there, I hoofed it back to Boston to stay here. Why? Good question.

No new pictures, because the old ones will do just fine.

Time to find a new Boston hotel.  Hotel Marlowe barely squeaks by with four showerheads (bordering on three).

4 Responses to “Hotel Marlowe, Cambridge, MA = More of the same”

  1. […] the Onyx Hotel in Boston this time. My plan was to find out whether the Hotel Marlowe should be replaced as my default Boston hotel. […]

  2. […] with a preferred chain, things are never perfect. Some of my Kimpton-faced reviews do have a snarky flavor to them, but I also do my share of positive reinforcement when things are done right. As it turns out, […]

  3. […] my brief sojourn in Boston was not picture perfect in terms of hotels, the trip overall was great. My meeting was productive and finished early. My rental car was white […]

  4. […] years ago when I was being treated as a random walk-in guest at Hotel Marlowe on visit 15 or so no less, Joe Capalbo, who was the GM at the time, took it upon himself to fix the […]

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