Less whining about Boston

August 20, 2010

I admit it.  I’m spoiled.

Though my brief sojourn in Boston was not picture perfect in terms of hotels, the trip overall was great. My meeting was productive and finished early. My rental car was white and was a car I would never contemplate buying in a million years. My friend’s GPS unit was on crack, but the drive it led us on was beautiful. The weather was perfect.

After the meeting ended, I hightailed it over to the Isabella Gardner Museum in a rental car caravan with a fellow uber-geek. The museum is one of my favorite on the planet—such calm and peace radiate from the courtyard garden. We needn’t have rushed it turns out. The museum was hosting its “third thursday after hours” event and we had plenty of time to look at the gorgeous art, relax in the garden, and listen to a superb sitar-based band play some music while sipping a glass of chilled wine.

Dinner was very good too (at a new restaurant called Woodward). Things were a bit more frenetic and crowded than usual due to Restaurant Week.

Then the perfect ending at a superb mixology bar called Drink. I’ve been there twice before and each time the knowledgeable bartenders make the visit special. This time I was concentrating on drinks made with the difficult-to-find Picon (my favorite is the liberal). I was served a new one by Will called the “Jayco.”

A Jayco is almost like a margherita in flavor, only more sophisticated with a subtle spiciness that defies description:
1.75 Bianco Tequilla
.75 Fresh Lemon Juice
.5 Picon
.25 Grenadine (don’t even think about using Rose’s…make your own)

Shake and serve in an ice filled collins with a splash of soda (1-1.5). Yum.

So I may whine about hotels, but actually life on the road can be great.