Rome Fiumicino Hilton

October 21, 2010

Because of the compressed nature of my quick trip to Italy, I was forced to stay at a chain hotel on my way out of town. Not only is the Rome Airport Hilton connected by walkway to the Fiumicino airport in Rome, it’s also crawling with tourists.

The nicely posh Hilton color scheme an ’70s hair products can be found in Rome, just like everywhere else in the world of Hilton.

Nothing is special about this avoidable hotel. Overpriced food that does not meet Italian standards, charges for a bottle of water, generic decor. You can have it.


There is a bidet. Whatever.

Hopefully I will never have to stay at this hotel again ever. A lowly but passable two showerheads for Rome’s beige-colored tourist trap. Non mi piace.

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