Hotel Marlowe outdoes itself (Boston)

March 11, 2011

OK, so how do you top a Wednesday like the one described in the previous posting? At the Hotel Marlowe of course. Always one of my very favorite places to stay on the planet, the Marlowe is back at the top of its game. Rock on Joe.

I arrived in town way too early and showed up around 10:30. Everyone knew I was coming and made me feel welcome and right at home. Because the room I was slated to get was unavailable, the staff upgraded my upgrade to the Presidential Suite. Wow.

Just look at this gorgeous space. Even when the weather is gray and awful, this room is inviting.

And of course there is the ever important room with the shower to consider.

It’s easy to say that this is the best room I have had in any Kimpton property. The Hotel Marlowe’s improved customer service has me hooked. Five showerheads for the Marlowe. My only regret is that I didn’t have enough of a crowd through to share the room with. (One minor detail…it’s red wine…not beer. Beer makes me too fat.)

I did give a talk at Harvard, after which it was my great pleasure to introduce new friends and old over dinner at the blue room. Greg, Chauncey and Nabil were excellent company.

No trip to Drink this go ’round, but my liver is likely the better for it. On to Germany.

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