Back at the BoBo in Buenos Aires

April 23, 2011

After the side trip to Estancia Cristina we are back at the BoBo in Buenos Aires for one more night before returning to the States. This time we are in room (pop), which is not as awesome as #5 (argentina) but is still very nice. This room is on the 1st floor much closer to the street (and the restaurant/bar) and therefore that much noisier.

The shower has its own (sealed) door to the balcony with a very nice arched window over it. The light is great.

The bedroom itself is a bit crammed, however the tall ceilings and the balcony nip any claustrophobia in the bud.

Once again the staff was superb. They stored some of our bags when we were on the road, helped with complicated dinner reservations, and were all very friendly. Bobo already earned its five shower head rating which it easily retains.

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