Hotel Marlowe (Boston) Calm in the Storm

June 8, 2011

My whirlwind trip to Boston this go ’round left no time for extracurricular fun. And you know what they say about all work and no fun… I was in town for multiple reasons and scheduled full on with just enough time left over for sleeping. The good news is that the Hotel Marlowe was a welcome respite for repose.

The staff was all decked out in Stanley cup hockey gear (I think hockey may be some kind of yankee sport involving ice). There must be some kind of Wanted poster in the back, because even with my sunglasses and beard I was recognized and greeted by everyone. Joe still has everyone on their toes. My favorite guy on staff is still the valet, though I do remember when Keith helped me finagle tickets to a great play.

This time I was in 421. The room is a newly redecorated executive suite. Super space with enough room to stretch out and get some work done. Not only did I forget my bribe for Joe (fresh pork from either Berlusconi or Sarkozy), but I also forgot my digital camera and my business cards. I must really need a break.

The bedroom can be sealed off from the sitting room with sliding pocket doors.

A classic Marlowe piece of style. Excellent.

Everyone should have their own telescope, though the 4th floor is a bit too close to the road for best viewing.

The bathroom is really great. Here are a couple of new pictures, but also see a previous entry from January. The only fly in the ointment of 421 is a water pressure issue. Not enough. I would prefer to be blasted awake by my shower than lulled back to sleep. The shower itself is great other than that.

Still no time for these dang hot tubs.

The all important glass cubicle shower. No plastic in sight!

I did get to have dinner at the Blue Room (though it was a business dinner). The fact that I could not swing by Drink leads me to believe that I crammed too much into the last 2 days! I also got to teach some suburban sprawl bartender how to make a Negroni, and as icing on the cake we got into the New York Times today this week too! Woot!

Hotel Marlowe rocks. Five shower head domination. If you have to go to Boston, stay here.

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