Back in NY City at 70Park

September 29, 2011

Well, at least this time my trip to NY was not a complete bust like last time! My meeting at JPMC actually happened, and a talk at Columbia should round things out nicely this morning.

This iteration I am in room 1015, which is the exact same room design as 915 only up one floor. You can see some pictures in this entry. One key thing to note about 70Park is that it is in NY and the city is noisy. A high floor is always better.

Room 1015 is of the style featured on the hotel's website. Here is their glossy picture. It is a nice room.

I guess there are no rooms with glass showers on the property, because I am being treated very nicely by the staff and they appear to be paying close attention. They have to know the noplasticshowers deal. My arrival was enhanced by a personalized note from Nicholas Salazar with a very nice fruit plate (on day 3 it is getting a bit moldy I must admit…hah) and a bottle of California wine that I brought down to the office in NY.

The biggest slip this trip on the hospitality front was this. Apparently 70Park was being relaunched post renovation with some kind of private party in the bar (to which inner circle people were supposedly invited). I found out only after check in and had already made other plans. Advanced warning for busy people maybe? In any case, the trip down to Blue Smoke for some excellent Hirsh Reserve bourbon and a well-crafted Sazerac was definitely a better deal all around.

Here is the very strange shower/tub/whirpool combo package found in the bathroom. Plenty of room for an entire gang in this shower.

All in all, 70Park remains my hotel of choice in NY. It is ideally situated exactly between the NY office and my standard NY meeting locations. Five shower heads.

On the mixology front, I had a very nice visit to Death & Co for some interesting concoctions with my friend Jason. I had a drink called the “red ant” and another couple of rye-based beverages whose names escape me for obvious reasons. The atmosphere is very nice at Death & Co. The drinks are sturdy and well crafted. Worth a visit, but not in my list of top all time mixology joints.

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