Touching Base in Geneva (La Cour des Augustins)

October 27, 2011

I was just here on Monday…and now I am back. The staff is still friendly and great.

Room 108 is a junior suite. It is nowhere near as cool as 401, and the shower is nothing to write home about. Bottom line: junior suites here are not worth the money.

Though this shower has a window looking down on the street (interesting in the morning), it is not a memorable shower.

Does this showerhead suck? Yes it does.

Eyes to the right: the living room portion of 108 is comfortable.

Eyes to the left. The bed is nicely sized, but not very comfortable.

Room 108 is noisy in the morning (especially when the room next door has a small child in it). Since it is situated directly across from a bar, my bet is that weekend nights can be bothersome as well. Avoid this room if you stay here.

All in all, the style level in the room does not even begin to approximate the loft. Here is an example.

The closet, ironing board storage, safe, too short to hang a coat area. Blech.

I get to come back Friday nihght late after my quick trip to Poznan, Poland. Hold the line for more data from an even smaller room!

Things are much superior on the mixology front today in Geneva. My friend Simon (who earlier introduced me to the Mo Bar) brought me this time to L’Atelier Cocktail Club. Ali and Christophe mixed some very memorable drinks, including a Liberal complete with real Amer Picon. Though this bar is very small and they are still building their collection, it is clear that both Ali and Christophe are passionate about mixology and quite knowledgable. They are ahead of their time for this sector of the world.

Ali mixed me up a Manhattan derivative with bourbon, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur, and orange bitters. I believe he called it a Martinique. Anyway, very nice.

Christophe mixed up one of my favorite rum concoctions (a Nevada) for Simon:
2 oz rum (I like to use My Gay Eclipse)
2 oz fresh grapefruit juice
1 oz fresh lime juice
2 t simple syrup (this is essential)
dash of Angustora bitters

Shake over ice. Serve up in a cocktail glass with a rightside up lime wedge.

Amer Picon. Impossible to get in the States and available most anywhere in France.

Speaking of Amer Picon Simon brought me an actual bottle for my collection. Wow! I can’t wait to get this home. He also procured a bottle of Swiss Absinthe for me. Thanks Simon, you rock.

And more mixology data from Ali, who recommends these bars in Paris. Note that I have not been to any of these places (yet) so your mileage may vary:
Plaza Athene (ave montaigne)
Forum (bd. Malheserbe)
Experimental Cocktail Club (rue st sauveur)
Mojito Cab (Rue Keler)

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