Safe on Base for the Third Time (La Cour des Augustins in Geneva)

October 29, 2011

The trip from Poznan, Poland after my talk was touch and go. Starting things off right, I got to the tiny airport way too early (and was just as promptly unable to find net).

Security was ridiculous. They made me unpack all of the cords in my computer bag. (There’s a first time for everything.)

After we boarded on time, we took off for Munich where I was somehow supposed to change planes in 40 minutes. I hesitated to check my bag through to Geneva because I was concerned that it would not make the transfer with such a short connection time. Anyway, we were delayed by tons of air traffic over Munich coming in all at the same time, and ended up stacked about 10 deep to land. That added a good 15 minutes to the trip. Then there was the bus to the terminal and another bus right back to the hinterlands where I started! (It really would have been easier to walk…though a far sight more dangerous.) Miraculously, I made it to the Geneva plane by the skin of my teeth…and lo and behold…so did my bag!

I guess the best part of all the travel rigamarole was that I was served an actually very good dinner on the plane to Geneva (Lufthansa business class City Line). Sushi grade tuna with delicious soy/sesame dressing and another plate of German sausage. Wow. I hope that is the start of a worldwide trend in non-sucky airplane food.

I finally arrived at La Cour des Augustins again just after 11pm. The friendly guy at the front desk had no idea that I had already stayed there twice that week! I checked into my tiny room (which had a slight swamp gas odor from the drains). It was nice enough, but certainly euro-sized.

The bed room is well named---mostly bed.

The bathroom was tiny but versatile with an interesting non-plastic shower pod.

Shower cubicle. Definitely needs a better shower head, and some work on the drains.

The rest of the bathroom could very likely fit in the shower.

By far the best part of my ridiculous run back through Geneva happened again with Simon on the mixology front. After an aborted attempt to visit some bar full of loud music and young hipsters, we promptly left and headed right around the corner to Le Richemond. It was a great call.

Pierre and Andrea man a fairly complete bar with gusto. I taught them to make a Corpse Reviver #2. And they made a bunch of experimental beverages for us in return. The best one Pierre made is the:
1 oz gin
1 oz dry martini vermouth
1 oz sweet vermouth
1/3 oz Red Currant Liqueur (the stuff that goes in a Kir Royale)

Stir over rocks and serve in a collins glass. Bonus points for cube-shaped ice.

At 2am we made a plan to meet at Kempinsky for breakfast at 8am the next morning. Needless to say, that plan never happened. Great night though.

United’s 767 entertainment system failed on the way home from Geneva right at takeoff. You go United. 9 hours in the air with no electricity for the laptop, no movies, and no map. Business class pod? Not by a long shot. Boy does United airlines suck in 2011.

Bottom line on room 302 at the hotel is four shower heads. Needs some work.

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