United: Small Patch of Light Replaced by Darkness

March 29, 2012

When I flew to Germany last week, I did not rely on getting an upgrade. I bought a business class ticket. Looks like United has trained me just like they wanted to.

The international flights were fine. On time. Decent equipment. Reasonable service.

Meanwhile back in domestic flying land, United is still broken and they still suck. The computer opted not to put me on the upgrade list for a puddle hopper flight (flown by the worst of the worst subcontractors, Mesa). I was added to the list only after I went to the airport to check in. By that time, First Class was full (duh). Nobody in customer service can explain what happened or do anything to guarantee it won’t happen again.

In the “no Upgrade for you” United is now 2 for 11. (I am not counting the business class fares I bought to fly to Europe in the tally.) That sucks. My million mile 1k status on United is utterly meaningless.

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  1. showertaker Says:

    Just sent this email to sara and Jeff Smisek. Lets see if anybody is listening at united.

    hi sara (if you are still there),

    2012 has been worse than ever for United. The latest in a string of
    indignities: on my 3/28/12 flight 3728 from IAD->JAX I was not placed on
    the upgrade list until after I checked in at the airport. By that time,
    it was way too late. Nobody can explain why this happened, why it will
    not happen again, or what United will do to make it up to me.

    I am writing you because in person complaints, filing through the website,
    and calling the 100k desk have resulted in absolutely nothing so far.

    I am severely disappointed in United in 2012. Of 11 domestic legs to
    date, I have been upgraded on 3. If you are trying to alienate your
    1,000,000 mile 100k flyers you are doing it.



    I did get upgraded on the way back from JAX. So now I am 3 for 12 in 2012. Pretty bad ratio.

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