United Express: Mesa versus Shuttle America (Mesa Loses)

April 14, 2012

In a knockout blow, Shuttle America (one of United’s many subcontractors operating United Express) defeats Mesa Airlines (the absolute worst United Express subcontractor) almost without lifting a finger.

Shuttle America? New Embrear jets configured to store luggage and seat people comfortably. Mesa? Canadair regional jet where if you are lucky you may be able to fit your laptop bag. Mesa needs new regional jets. A CRJ700 may be better than a J-41, but that comparison was from the ’90s.

Shuttle America? Happy intelligent flight attendants. Mesa? Surly not too swift fight attendants who know their company sucks.

The unanimous decision goes to Shuttle America. Avoid Mesa at all costs.

In other news, the Granite City restaurant in IND terminal A ranks among the worst airport restaurants still alive today. Just plain bad food. Their bar scrapes so low that they don’t even have a bottle of Campari (!) meaning the classic fallback Negroni is not to be procured.

We have been forced to identify a new even further down the list backup cocktail for use when you are stuck in a bar in a ’70s time warp when martinis were only bad gin and people stored the vermouth bottle in the same room but didn’t open it. Without further ado, the White Lady:
2 oz gin (in this case Bombay Saphire ?! hah)
1 oz Cointreau (I suppose this could degenerate to Triplesec in an emergency)
.5 oz lemon juice (squeeze it yourself from pre-cut wedges)

Try going to the Granite City bar and then boarding a Mesa CRJ700. Not so good.

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