United Airlines Sucks IN ADVANCE

April 18, 2012

Wow. I am about to get another taste of economy class to Europe courtesy of United. I am flying to Amsterdam in early May and was counting on my 1,000,000 miles and 100k status along with a couple of “system wide upgrades” to boost me to business class. Nope. The return trip is already filled to the gills. And I am number 8 on the upgrade list with 6 seats available on the way over (and 30+ people below me on the list).

My system wide upgrades (and I have lots of them) are utterly useless. My 100k status? About the same. I can barely remember why I used to fly on this airline.

Hey Jeff Smisek, you have completely ruined United and ticked off a bunch of your best customers. Time to resign.

I really can’t stand United any more. United Sucks even more in 2012 than they did in 2011. In advance.

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  1. showertaker Says:

    United customer care says:

    Thank you again for taking time to let us know about your recent experience with United Airlines.

    5000 bonus miles have been added to the MileagePlus account, XXXXXXXXX.

    The reference for this item is: XXXXXXX.

    For current information on your MileagePlus balance, as well as information on the latest services available to you as a valued member of MileagePlus, please visit our website at http://www.united.com.

    An even better idea would be fixing the problem before it even happens?! Duh.

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  4. Urso Says:

    United has become the KMART of the airline industry. They’re arrogant and condescending attitude towards customers is repulsive. They treat their greatest assets, their employees like a liability and it shows.. The Express operations are an embarrassment, what a shame. Time for the Narcissist Mr. Smisek to resign before he puts United back into bankruptcy…

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