Frequent Travel is for the Birds: United Still Sucks

May 22, 2012

I have certainly been ranting about United this year. I would like to stop. But that would require United to improve.

Not gonna happen. Instead they keep saying they are granting me miles (which never show up in my account) or giving me some other kind of bribe. I really just wish they would fix their dang airline.

On a recent flight back from Hartford, CT I was upgraded on a regional jet in advance. Then one of the seats was apparently broken, so they chose me to de-upgrade even though it was not my seat that was broken. Screw that. I am certain that once again the computer did not understand my actual status.

The gate agent in Hartford offered me a certificate for $250 for my trouble. That has yet to arrive. I doubt it ever will. UNITED AIRLINES SUCKS.

Hertz will have to join them today. For some odd reason, I had no car when I landed today at SFO. It took 15 minutes to find a car. So much for club gold. I wonder if United and Hertz are in cahoots?

Maybe I should just stop travelling.

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