Now Appearing at the Alexis Hotel in Seattle: His Keithness

September 26, 2012

The concierge at the Hotel Marlowe (in Boston) was the best. But then he was gone. And now he’s back where he started from in Seattle! Hot damn.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Alexis Hotel in Seattle for the first time and there behind the desk was Keith Dowsing. He recognized me immediately (and vice versa). The planet is small.

I definitely like having people I know figure out which room I end up in. Then again, there can be some interesting quirks, viz, this room (638) is a bit odd since it is the honeymoon suite. What?!

Check out the art. All wedding photos. A bit disconcerting!

Design sensibility abounds. But what is this? A CD payer? Antiques.

What kind of bed goes in a honeymoon suite? A big one like this.

The all important shower is in a palatial bathroom replete with a gigantic hot tub podium and a settee, and the shower itself has a two headed shower and a glass door. Does this make the Alexis eligible for ten showerheads? Hmm. Well,um.

The two headed shower is hard to capture in bits. It’s about 8 feet long.

The hot tub podium. Three steps up not shown.

Probably the only iffy design feature of the honeymoon suite is the long long hall. It displays a bunch of wedding pictures. It’s long so that the bathroom fits.

The long long hall.

After I settled in to get some work done, guest services arrived with a welcome package. Very nice indeed. And sparkling water = yay! Thank you keith.

Cheese plate good.

Want to make this blog happy? Try a note like this! Rock on no plastic showers.

So the Alexis is a five showerhead place. Bonus. Another great Kimpton property.

Dinner at the trendy Anchovies and Olives was very good. Low key. Great wait staff who made us only eat olives but not anchovies. We brought our own wine, but the list trends Italian properly.

And the bar at the hotel is actually good. Hirsch 16? Dang. Bottle 3 on the planet (Blue Smoke and the Alembic) and priced way too low. Come buy it. We were served by the enthusiastic Devon Fiene.

Good bourbon.

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