70 Park (NY, NY) Ideal Breakfast Spot

October 4, 2012

Turns out that 70 Park has a room with a view. After my zillionth trip to NY and umpity-umpteenth visit to 70 Park I was rewarded with an upgrade to room 1705. It’s darn similar to 915 and 1015 except for the really cool balcony where you can have breakfast and the palatial (by NY standards anyway) bathroom.

Familiar bedroom and art layout.

When the cat finally dragged me in at 11:30pm after a very long day, I was personally greeted with a note and a midnight snack. This trip was so entirely booked to the gills in NY that I accidentally forgot the wine and had no time to snack. Apparently, I need to slow down!

Wine, cheese, and fruit is a nice welcome.

The bathroom in 1705 is the best one I have come across so far at 70 Park. It even has a big giant (as always unused) tub.

For NY, this bathroom is gargantuan. The size of many hotel rooms.

Need more time for tubs.

Yes, you’re in NY.

The all important shower has that crazy glass tile that looks about as much like plastic as possible. Very confusing. It needs more water pressure.

Not plastic. But ironically made to look like plastic.

I didn’t even notice the balcony when I crashed. In the morning it was a most welcome surprise. I walked up Park Avenue to Starbucks (as is my wont), grabbed a doppio macchiato, and had breakfast on the balcony with the morning paper.

The view down 38th Street.

Looking south on Park Avenue.

Fog over grand central station.

Fiver showerheads for 70 Park. It’s a toss up with the apartment!

Dinner at Roc Restaurant was superb, with excellent conversation and great Italian vino. A stop by the Brandy Library for a nightcap was a great idea on the tribeca mixology front, but the Brandy Library was out of everything interesting in both their bourbon selections and their rum pile. I am assured this only happens near the beginning of Fall, but frankly I am not a fan.

Finally a small shout out to United who needs all the praise it can get these days. USAir called while I was about a mile from LaGuardia for my flight to Boston. Cancelled. My enterprising cabby drove in record time to Newark (40 minutes) so I could catch an overbooked United flight instead. Not only did I get a seat on the plane, I got an upgrade as well and sat in 1B. The TSA precheck security was great and very very quick. I got to keep my shoes on! This may be the first time I felt like a 100K flyer in 2012. Sometimes travel is not so bad, even with major monkey wrenches.

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