Bedford Village Inn, NH

October 4, 2012

Quaint little inns are not really my cup of tea or crumpet or whatever it is they are supposed to be. But this is a nice one anyway. Turns out that I have driven right by it countless times on the way between greater metropolitan Dublin, NH and the Manchester airport. A business dinner in Bedford brought me here?! Go figure.

Almost autumn.

The living space is very comfortable, but a little dated. There is wireless (kinda). Don’t look for an outlet near the desk though. I wonder what you’re supposed to use the desk for without power? Anybody know?

The bathroom has an interesting tub/shower combo, which is starting to fall apart.

The marble clad ante room replete with ancient plumbing.

After dinner last night in Bedford, we came back here to visit Corks (above the Tavern at the BVI). The barman Jim was game to try out some mixology with the somewhat limited supply of elixers on hand. We had him make a Nevada and a Corpse Reviver #2. It was good of Jim to put up with our tastes. He was a sport.

Mixology is very slowly creeping into NH. But the only place you can get a Liberal is at Rhine’s.

The BVI is a three shower heads place. Quaint and nice, but not a noplasticshowers kind of location.

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