The Chicago Palomar Starts 2013 Right

January 9, 2013

All good things come to an end, including No Fly Noel and music mode. United is (miraculously) batting 100% on upgrades so far this year with one entire leg under my belt. We’ll keep an upgrade-ometer so you get some data about how it goes for 1.5M mile flyers. Sadly, the TSA-Pre thing failed this trip, so I had to remove my newly-polished shoes and my non-ferrous belt. (I am pretty sure that is United’s fault, but you never know who to blame for failure when a system is completely opaque).

So here I am in Chicago at the Palomar where I was greeted by name at the door and checked in to an upgraded room way earlier than should be possible. This time I am up two floors in 1627. And it’s a good thing I have this room, because I spent most of the afternoon working here at the desk on the net.

My welcome package arrived well after I did (not surprising given my timing this morning). Sadly, John Stanton the barkeep was not involved in the selection this time. So there is a bottle of Merlot and a nicely arranged plate of snacks. (Last trip out, the staff put together the best welcome package in Kimpton history.) Anyway, the personal note from Adam G-something whose signature is mostly unreadable was genuine and nice. (Adam, dude, if you want net props you have to leave a card or write legibly.)

Kimpton welcome package.

Kimpton welcome package.

Since the room is pretty much identical to 1427 and 1574 in layout, I’ll focus on one of the differences. This one has ferris wheels above the couch.

Ferris wheels in 1627.

Ferris wheels in 1627.

The bedroom is roomy and it has a bed.

My camera is too small to capture the gist of this room.

My camera is too small to capture the gist of this room.

As always, five showerheads and a huge glass cube to use them in for the Chicago Palomar. Dang am I spoiled.


We’ll start this evening downstairs at Sable saying hello to John Stanton at the bar. It’s always a pleasure to chat with an expert. Then dinner. I know there is a trip to the office in the makings tonight after dinner. Chicago is a mixology haven.

A brooklyn variation by John that we’ll call Brooklyn in Chicago
2 oz High West Rye
.5 oz Cocchi Americano
.5 Cynar
.25 (or less) Luxardo
dash of Reagan’s Orange bitters #6
Stir down. Express orange peel (discard).

The oysters at the office and the decor remain the best part in my opinion. The drinks tend to be on the sweet side and not that interesting. Also the bar people stay back in their corner and have an elitist vibe. Our server Ethan was very nice, but utterly clueless about cocktails. That is a disappointment. They do have a fantastic bourbon and rye card however.


Upgrade-ometer 50% [1/2] (no upgrade on the trip home). TSA-pre failed again as well.

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  1. kerosenedan Says:

    I also enjoyed the Columbian Exposition themed artwork throughout the room. Not only were the multi-colored quadtych of the original Ferris Wheel and the iconic Columbian Fountain shots present, but the Transportation Building (and its Islamic influenced architecture) was also on display. To learn more about the 1893 event I suggest IIT’s comprehensive site: http://columbus.iit.edu/

    The event really comes to life in the 2004 best seller “Devil in the White City” (although some artistic liberties were taken in bringing it back from the dead): http://www.amazon.com/Devil-White-City-Madness-Changed/dp/0375725601

    While John’s drinks are always delish and The Office is a hidden gem (no pun intended..seriously), we can do some mixological exploration next time you’re in town.

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