Ann Arbor Campus Inn Mostly Harmless (and Cold)

February 7, 2013

Unlike an actual living wolverine, the Campus Inn in Ann Arbor is mostly harmless. It has a good reputation among University of Michigan alums, professor types, and parents on the “visiting their kids in college” circuit. But it feels more like a Marriott than the marketing on the net and the general buzz might lead you to believe. Mostly it’s cold up here in room 1501 (which according to the map on the door is exactly the same as every other room on this floor with one exception), because the ancient windows leak like sieve. Brrrr.

It’s not a Marriott, though, and that’s a good thing. For one thing, the arctic temperature keeps the flowers fresh! I have never seen fresh flowers at a Marriott.

You would never find this at a Marriott.

You would never find this at a Marriott.

Or this either.

Or this either.

This?  definitely Marriott.

This? definitely Marriott.

The staff are more like eager beavers than wolverines. Incredibly helpful, responsive and proactive. Check-in was smooth and quick.

But the room is, well, generic.

Generic and flowery.

Generic and flowery.

And the shower is one of those 1980s showers.

Tiny marble clad bathroom.

Tiny marble clad bathroom.

Shower over tub with wobbly door.

Shower over tub with wobbly door.

View from 1501.  Interesting?  Not really.

View from 1501. Interesting? Not really.

There is the rest of Ann Arbor, though: a great university, creative restaurants, and even a budding cocktail scene.

BBBB spiral.

BBBB spiral.

Over at Grange, in addition to a serviceable dinner, they concocted a GCB Manhattan as follows:
3 oz bacon bourbon
.25 maple syrup
.25 blood orange bitters
Shake. Strain. Serve up with a cherry.

Verdict: too thin and way too sweet.

Bacon bourbon is made by rendering 2 strips of thick cut bacon and adding it to a fifth of bourbon. (Sadly, the Grange people don’t have any good bourbon so their result was thin and watery. I would suggest adulterating a bottle of Bowman‘s.) Steep for two hours, freeze and strain fat.

I’m pretty sure we can improve on this recipe in 57 ways. Stay tuned. At least they are trying to make interesting cocktails though!

(Because of the United fiasco trying to get up here, I missed the client dinner slated for Tuesday evening at The Ravens Club. Have to try that out next time. Looks like they have more of a mixology clue than Grange.)

Anyway three showerheads and a trip to the frozen midwest for the Campus Inn.

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