Lets Compare Showers (London, Paris, & Florence Edition)

March 31, 2013

How do London, Paris, and Florence compare shower-wise in our ultra-scientific three data point shower comparison experiment?







Florence wins, hands down. Curvy glass, superb water pressure, and not really large enough to fit really fat Americans.

Paris comes in a close second, suffering only from not enough light to determine whether the soap is working.

Alas, poor London drags in way last. Hot water that has a life of its own (it’s hot, it’s cold, you can’t tell, jump!), variable pressure, shower curtain over a tub. Too many shower-oriented bugs to overlook.

Shower in Florence if you get a chance.

How about art?

We’ll have to give that to the Pompidou Center in Paris. I’m afraid my preference for modern art over so many tortured Renaissance Jesuses is showing!


Though there were many memorable meals to be had, the best meal on this journey was experienced along with some superior jazz in Florence at the Golden View Open Bar. Chez Oscar in Paris comes in a close second due to the warmth and hospitality of the owners who also happen to make a great duck confit.

And mixology?

London hands down, where the Zetter Townhouse now feels about as much like home as a bar 3738 miles from home can feel. Thanks to Kamil Foltan, Aga, Nikko, Will, and everyone else for making us welcome.

Experimental design.

Experimental design.

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