2015: Capitalism in Action on the Travel Front

January 11, 2015

Regular readers will know that in the studied opinion of NPS, United airlines has gone to the dogs. Too many years of too many operational problems finally have come to a head this year. We’re going to attempt to avoid United whenever possible even though our home airport is a United hub. This after over a decade of 100K privilege flying. That’s how bad United is.

Long ago the Board of United should have figured out that Jeff Smisek is a terrible operational leader. An M&A specialist and a marketing person is not the right kind of person to run operations at a huge airline. And United is just too big not to suck.

So bye bye United. Until you get a new CEO and start performing better, we will do our utmost to avoid you. We are voting with our actual cash money.


We’ll see how it goes this year and keep you updated here. First up, trans-continental flights on Virgin America.

Happy new year! Make sure to apply capitalistic tendencies with YOUR cash too.

One Response to “2015: Capitalism in Action on the Travel Front”

  1. […] when things go south in a loyalty relationship, NPS does not shy from corrective action. Just trawl the United airline entries here and see what we mean. After 1,590,963 miles on United […]

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