No Fly December

November 17, 2009

No shower reviews for a while because I have officially entered “no fly December.”  I also do “no fly July” which has a much better alliterative name.

As it turns out, my flight back from Amsterdam may be the last airplane ride of 2009!  Hot damn.  According to United, I traveled 139,989 miles in 2009.   Youch.  Five trips to Europe is pretty many for one year.

I’ve been tracking my trips since 1997.  This year I did 33 trips.

Here is a little tripometer with data from the last few years going back to 2001.  You can see how travel correlates with the talks I give (a subset of which are keynotes at major conferences).

Obviously, next year there should be plenty of fodder for the noplasticshowers blog.  Stay tuned!

3 Responses to “No Fly December”

  1. mmisb colleague Says:

    Some stats you could be adding here:
    – room change requests in a year
    – # times unwanted nextdoor room noises (like the one time with the hooter girl nextdoor)
    – …

  2. showertaker Says:

    I like it. There is a large problem with Hooters girls showing up in Europe these days and making too much noise.

    • hootersGal Says:

      This ain’t fair; you ain’t got any idea how tough life is for us Hooters gals. We see everything: donkeys, small phones. gotta to have fun when we can.

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