Disney Dolphin (by Sheraton) = Hell

June 8, 2010

I completed my Disney sentence a decade or so ago…or so I thought. I dread mega conferences centered around a huge faceless mass of a hotel that is built like a mall. And yet here I am, putting in my time at the IBM Innovate (Rational) conference. The faceless hotel? How about the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort?  You know what’s really weird?  Disney hotels all have the same slightly mildewy smell masked by some kind of carpet cleaner.

I’ve already switched rooms three times (noisy but happy family in the other half of my suite, followed by a non-updated mildew room with a bulbous TV and an “Epcot fireworks view”…as if). I guess the resulting room (number three) is the top of the food chain for Sheraton properties, because it took some time in the back to make it so. Ouch.

Here is a view of the nauseating hallway design. Color scheme? Who knows…agglomeration?? armageddon?  atrophy?  aardvark?  Note the carpet “tiles” on the floor!  Now that’s classy.  All of the floors I have visited so far have this design.

I took some pictures of the bathroom in the first room which was just being re-caulked as I arrived by a very nice guy from engineering.  I think it’s great that the bathrooms in all three rooms are exactly the same.  Bathroom equality for all room classes!  Sheraton has no conception of upscale bathroom.

Check out the sink console.  This design was probably way trendy in the ’70s.  Now it’s just way.  At least they don’t think I will steal their hair dryer!  Mork and Mindy, where are you?

And the shower?  No points for this one.

Plastic tub.  Simulated tiles, and one of those walmart shopper shower rods for obese ‘mericans.  Yuck.

As expected, the Disney Dolphin Resort reels in an all time low 1 shower head (out of 5).  Avoid.  Run away.  Don’t do it.  It’s not worth it (unless you bring your kids under 10)!

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