Inn at Laguna Beach = “LA” in high style

March 3, 2011

Fortunately I was able to escape the Rancho in San Diego for a meeting up north in LA.  I stopped halfway to spend the night in the Inn at Laguna Beach.  As I type this entry I can hear (and see when I look up) the Pacific waves roll in.

I can tell I am getting way closer to LA than San Diego because the front staff girls (nichole and nikki) were just as awful as the surfer boy (pat) parking attendent was great.   I was supposed to have a suite to get some work done in…but wires were crossed and no suite for me (and a low floor to boot).  But I am almost over that now.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

My room, though small, overlooks the ocean.  But first, the bathroom.  Nothing fancy here.  Lots of mirrors and nondescript ugly tiles.

The all important mirror effect makes the anteroom/bathroom seem bigger than tiny.

But…wait for it…the coup de grace is when you look up.

For all its too low non-suiteness, room 203 simply does not suck. I wonder how good this hotel could be if my travel people did the right thing?

If the front desk staff were less LA and the room I requested were what I got (that’s two counterfactuals in one for those of you counting!), the Inn at Laguna may get better than four showerheads. An upgrade will have to wait for next time.

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