Glassaholic: Old Fashioned

November 15, 2015

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail ruined by many a bad bar. There are two schools of Old Fashioned making out there. Here at NPS, we’re from the muddling school as you will see. This is a fantastic drink for a Fall day. You’ll need a muddling stick.

The Old Fashioned
2 oz bourbon (we’re using Bowman’s Small Batch here)
orange wheel slice
2 luxardo cherries
4 dashes Fee Brothers Old Fashioned bitters
2 t simple syrup
soda water

Slice an orange wheel and put it into your glass. Add two cherries, the bitters and the simple syrup. Muddle. Add 2 oz of bourbon. Stir. Add ice. Top with soda. Put in an extra cherry if you like cherries!

A delicious drink for the Fall in front of a fire.

Glassaholic: Moscow Mule

April 29, 2015

The Moscow Mule is very easy to make. About the only difficult bit is finding some copper Moscow Mule cups. That’s where Cardinal Spirits comes in. They provided me with some first run Vodka and some Moscow Mule cups last trip out to Bloomington.

So Moscow Mules it is!

Moscow Mule
1.5 oz Cardinal Vodka
1 wedge of lime
real ginger beer (barritts or home made)
pour the vodka over the ice, squeeze in the lime, add ginger beer. if you’re feeling adventurous, stir!

Cardinal Spirits, Bloomington, Indiana

Cardinal Spirits, Bloomington, Indiana

Glassaholic: Seelbach

November 30, 2014

The Seelbach is one of our favorite time-warp inducing cocktails. Named after either a Kentucky hotel or an upstate NY hotel depending on who you ask, this drink has been around since 1917.

The delightfully dangerous thing about a Seelbach is that you get an instant champagne buzz when you start drinking it, and when you’re done, you’ve just had a shot of bourbon.

We shot this episode of glassaholic at Nother’s Day.

The Seelbach
1 oz bourbon
.5 oz cointreau
7 dashes Angostura’s
7 dashes Peychaud’s

stir with a sterling silver spoon then top with dry champagne. Add a lemon twist to fancy it up.

Glassaholic: Mojito

September 3, 2014

The Mojito is a popular drink that you can find all over the place these days, even in bars that otherwise suck.  The key to a good mojito is simplicity: fresh mint, fresh lime, simple syrup and a good muddling stick.

We make mojitos around here in the summertime when the mint is growing like crazy.

The Mojito
3 oz dark rum (my gay eclipse)
8 mint leaves (and the top of a sprig to garnish)
1/2 lime quartered
1 t simple syrup 1:1 (cane sugar)
Muddle the mint, simple syrup, and lime in the bottom of a sturdy glass. Add 3 oz of rum and stir. Fill glass with ice and top with sparkling water. Top with a mint garnish.

Delicious and summery.

Glassaholic: Nevada

April 20, 2014

The Nevada is a drink I found in the book Art of the Bar. It’s a great summertime rum drink that differs from the usual rum punch variety of drinks by not being overly sweet. If you make one at sunset at the beach, you can admire the beautiful color as you sip it on the deck.

We just got back from Salt Cay in Turks and Caicos, where we discovered some Salt Cay Rum. I’m using that here just for the heck of it, but a better rum would be Mount Gay Eclipse (or even Extra Old if you’re feeling adventurous). You definitely want a rum on the vanilla/syrupy side of the rum range for this drink. Turns out that Salt Cay rum is more like a central American rum (it is modeled after Zacapa), but we’ll ignore that distinction for now.

The Nevada
1.5 oz dark rum
.5 oz fresh grapefruit juice
.3 oz fresh lime juice
.25 oz simple syrup 1:1 (cane sugar)
dash of Angostura bitters
mix in an ice filled shaker. strain. serve up in a cocktail glass. garnish with a lime wedge.

This is a drink that is so good that whenever I share it, most bars pick it right up and add it to their list. Some magic happens and a banana-like flavor emerges from the mix.

Glassaholic: Shift Ender

March 21, 2014

Here’s a great drink invented at Annbelle’s Bar and Bistro in San Francisco by barman Scott Campbell. We came across this one in our noplasticshowers travels. Every year during the RSA Computer Security Conference, we have one or seven of these.

This drink is complex but really good, and takes some ingredients that may be a bit hard to gather up.

Shift Ender
1.5 oz Malt whiskey (irish)
.5 oz Canton
3 dashes of orange bitters
stir in a Collins glass with ice. top with 1.5 oz ginger beer.
float with .5 oz Fernet Branca on top
top the drink with two cherries on a skewer and a generous slice of lemon peel expressed and dropped in

See a picture of Annabelle’s version in a previous posting.

Glassaholic: Margarita

February 24, 2014

Turns out that Saturday was National Margarita Day. Who knew? So we were compelled to adjust the Swiss fondue plans to include some homemade margaritas. Thanks Jacques.

This is a very easy drink to make, but it requires some magical wizardry nonetheless. The ratio MUST be 2:2:4 (and you can’t divide by 2). If you squeeze out all of your limes as a constraint, make sure that counts as 2 and not one! If it only adds up to 1, you have to go back to the store and get more limes.

Never make a margarita with glow in the dark green stuff from Food Dog or triplesec.

2 measures of fresh lime juice
2 measures of cointreau
4 measures of tequila
Stir or very light shake. Serve in a glass rimmed with flake salt.

After two months without setting foot in Dulles Airport it was back to the grind today. I had to check in at the Unite Premier line since my 100K status has been yanked after 1.5 million miles. I flew too many other airlines last year it seems (delta has wifi). But guess what, the Premier line was empty while the 100k people waited around.

Resigned to my non-upgraded state, I dutifully stood in the Boarding Group 2 (two, WTF?!) lane with the masses. But before group two was even called to board, I was summoned to the front for an upgrade.

How did that happen? I’m not going to even begin to ask. Maybe twitter had something to do with it.

So I get on the plane and not only do I have plenty of room to work, there is wifi too. United is on a roll. Ironically, I removed my seat power adapter from my computer bag this morning when I decided I would not need it. That would be wrong. I used every bit of my macbook’s battery today and got a ton of work done. Awesome.

I tweeted from 35,000 feet, posted the usual Vine posting of the seat, and even shot a picture with my google glass. Life was good.

Tweet from 35,000 feet from Google Glass.

Tweet from 35,000 feet from Google Glass.

And then there was ice cream.

Ice cream on an airbus.  You go United!

Ice cream on an airbus. You go United!

Well done United. Please make the rest of 2014 like this, what say?

Glassaholic: Lion’s Tail

January 21, 2014

Here’s a glass’ed version of a Lion’s Tale. This drink is very nice on a cold day, but you have to like allspice to appreciate it. Since it snowed 6 inches so far today and is still snowing, a Lion’s Tail is just what the doctor ordered.

Lion’s Tail
2 oz bourbon (cask strength)
.75 oz allspice dram
.5 oz lime
teaspoon of simple syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters
shake. strain. serve up in a cocktail glass.

This is the first in a series of first person cocktail mixing videos we’ll post from time to time using google glass at coalstovesink bar. Why? Because we’re geeks, that’s why. We’ll start with a Jack Rose since a fresh shipment of Laird’s Applejack and 7yr old apple brandy arrived today from Schneider’s of DC.

The Jack Rose is a very easy to drink cocktail from the old school. A bit on the sweet side for our noplasticshowers tastes, but a favorite at the bar in any case.

Jack Rose
1.5 oz Applejack (get some Laird’s if you can)
juice from 1/2 lime
2 generous dashes of fresh grenadine
shake. strain. garnish with lime wedge.