Glassaholic: Margarita

February 24, 2014

Turns out that Saturday was National Margarita Day. Who knew? So we were compelled to adjust the Swiss fondue plans to include some homemade margaritas. Thanks Jacques.

This is a very easy drink to make, but it requires some magical wizardry nonetheless. The ratio MUST be 2:2:4 (and you can’t divide by 2). If you squeeze out all of your limes as a constraint, make sure that counts as 2 and not one! If it only adds up to 1, you have to go back to the store and get more limes.

Never make a margarita with glow in the dark green stuff from Food Dog or triplesec.

2 measures of fresh lime juice
2 measures of cointreau
4 measures of tequila
Stir or very light shake. Serve in a glass rimmed with flake salt.

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