Palomar San Francisco: Facelift Time

February 25, 2014

The Palomar San Francisco is one of my favorite Kimptons. Mostly because the staff is incredibly friendly and fun. They know me. That makes a huge difference when you travel too much, and makes a hotel feel like home away from home. (Thanks in particular to Sara Madanat for help with a tricky breakfast meeting.)

Like all buildings with tons of traffic, maintenance and the occasional facelift are essential. For the next 2-3 weeks, the Palomar lobby is getting a complete makeover. Temporarily, the lobby is located way up in room 902. The Fifth floor restaurant is also being completely redesigned with a new concept and a new bar! Jacques assures me it will be great. I am psyched to see the result. Sadly that means having some patience, which I am not very good at. Now being patient…

But the Palomar is still at the top of its game in my book. I was greeted by name, got my favorite room during a very crowded week, and found this when I walked in.

A fantastic welcome package includes flowers.

A fantastic welcome package includes flowers.

Room 830 will do me! I like some space when I am here all week for the RSA show. Ahhhh.

The bedroom is connected to the living room.

The bedroom is connected to the living room.

The bathroom has a nice glass shower and one of those giant tubs that I never seem to use.

This shower is not plastic.

This shower is not plastic.

This tub never gets used.

This tub never gets used.

There’s even a fish. I think it may be walter, but nobody said this time.

Walter?  Is that you?

Walter? Is that you?

Not only is this an insanely busy week, it’s also birthday week here in noplasticshowers land.

Cupcakes and prosecco.

Cupcakes and prosecco.

Restaurants of note: Heirloom Cafe, Perbacco, Slow Club

And a warning. Old favorite Cafe de la Presse has gone to the dogs. Avoid (even if your staying at the Triton).

Annabell’s, right next door to the Palomar remains a stalwart even though they have completely changed up their menu. Their bar is excellent. My favorite cocktail there is the Shift Ender, designed by Scott Campbell.

Shift Ender
1.5 oz Jameson
.5 oz Canton
3 dashes of orange bitters
stir in a Collins glass with ice. top with 1.5 oz ginger beer.
float with .5 oz Fernet Branca on top
top the drink with two cherries on a skewer and a generous slice of lemon peel expressed and dropped in

Shift ender at Annabell's

Shift ender at Annabell’s

About the only thing that needs work other than the reconstruction is the internet. Too many geeks make the internet suck during this week. That is bad. Kinda like not having oxygen.

Five showerheads to wash off the construction dust and some patience for the SF Palomar. Rock on you guys.

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