Glassaholic: The Liberal

January 16, 2014

For a number of years, the house drink at coalstovesink bar has been the Liberal. We started making them with Torani Amer and Orange Bitters (that is, incorrectly, American style) way back when. Then we started flying Amer Picon back from France. The Amer Picon version is incredibly great.

In our studied opinion here at noplasticshowers, The Liberal is the best drink on the planet.

We even named our band The Bitter Liberals after it.

The Liberal
0.75 Bourbon (Blanton’s is a good choice)
0.75 Sweet Vermouth…use the cheap Martini variety, really
0.25 Amer Picon
shake. strain. serve up with a real Marasca cherry (Luxardo).

The Bitter Liberals: 13

This is the first in a series of first person cocktail mixing videos we’ll post from time to time using google glass at coalstovesink bar. Why? Because we’re geeks, that’s why. We’ll start with a Jack Rose since a fresh shipment of Laird’s Applejack and 7yr old apple brandy arrived today from Schneider’s of DC.

The Jack Rose is a very easy to drink cocktail from the old school. A bit on the sweet side for our noplasticshowers tastes, but a favorite at the bar in any case.

Jack Rose
1.5 oz Applejack (get some Laird’s if you can)
juice from 1/2 lime
2 generous dashes of fresh grenadine
shake. strain. garnish with lime wedge.