Glassaholic: The Liberal

January 16, 2014

For a number of years, the house drink at coalstovesink bar has been the Liberal. We started making them with Torani Amer and Orange Bitters (that is, incorrectly, American style) way back when. Then we started flying Amer Picon back from France. The Amer Picon version is incredibly great.

In our studied opinion here at noplasticshowers, The Liberal is the best drink on the planet.

We even named our band The Bitter Liberals after it.

The Liberal
0.75 Bourbon (Blanton’s is a good choice)
0.75 Sweet Vermouth…use the cheap Martini variety, really
0.25 Amer Picon
shake. strain. serve up with a real Marasca cherry (Luxardo).

The Bitter Liberals: 13

17 Responses to “Glassaholic: The Liberal”

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  5. […] lets sit by the fire and regain our sanity. Maybe with a Liberal or two. Then we’ll do it all […]

  6. […] door) was some live music on the patio. A spontaneous appearance by Where’s Aubrey. And real Liberals with a new bottle of Amer Picon. The evening was delightful and […]

  7. […] thing we had the doctor’s bag along with some makings for Liberals. But frankly the furniture in the suite was mega uncomfortable, leaving good Liberals to be enjoyed […]

  8. […] four special cocktails for our show in Richmond 2/20. Come try one (or seven) for yourself: The Liberal the fantastic cocktail we named the band after Old Fashioned a classic winter favorite with muddled […]

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  16. […] One of the top bars in the world for sure.  NPS had a paper plane (with a paper plane) and a Liberal.  Yup.  Amer Picon in the house.  We seem to have lost our party all night energy during the […]

  17. […] them fetch the Amer Picon from downstairs.  The visit featured many a Picon cocktail, including the Liberal, the Brooklyn, and Picon Punch.  I never make the latter because it takes way too much rare (in […]

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