Sometimes the Fates smile on NPS. Well actually, the Fates are awesome and we mostly love them. This is one of those times. Coming to silicon valley and want to see some great friends? Well it turns out that Yo Yo Ma is in town playing his cello. Sure, the concert has been sold out for months, but you know that thing about the Fates we were talking about.

So we saw the astounding show (which featured a Shosaakovich piece that was out of this world in addition to the usual candy). And then we had a delicious “after the three encores” dinner at Monsieur Benjamin just down the street from the Davies. Our millenial waiter was amusing.

After that it was too late to try out the new Wildhawk (which we are bummed about…sorry Kenny).

Evidence of hippies abounded in SF at an undisclosed location. For example, consider this fridge which seems to have a Bitter Liberals sticker on it.

Or this collection of original Haight-Ashbury posters from the ’60s.

Must be San Francisco.

Even the trip back is looking up since this go ’round we have the seat we always try to get on Virgin America. If only the gogo network were not so sporadic.

Almost forgot a quick visit to one of my very favorite bars, Dirty Habit where Raul Ayala made me a Desert in the Tropics
1.5 Citadelle gin
.5 lemon juice
.5 pineapple gum syrup
.5 cactus puree
.5 leonor 12 palo cortado sherry

rim with smoked paprika and salt

Just fantastic

Magnolia House Inn, Hampton, VA

September 14, 2014

The Magnolia House Inn is absolutely stunning. Beautiful grounds and an exquisitely immaculate house from the late 1890s in perfect condition. The proprietors are very proper and welcoming.

The Magnolia House Inn

The Magnolia House Inn

Living room

Living room

The Haven room includes a private bathroom.


But sadly, the shower situation does need some attention. Not enough water pressure only exacerbates the over tub design. Alas.

Wrong kind of shower for this blog.

Wrong kind of shower for this blog.

Uh oh.  Fine? More like "not quite adequate."

Uh oh. Fine? More like “not quite adequate.”

After a show in the nearby American Theater and an excellent tapas feast at Six, we arrived in time for a very late nightcap on the porch at 1:30am. (We brought the doctor’s bag.) The evening was beautiful.

The Bitter Liberals play "Dream of a Good Death"

The Bitter Liberals play “Dream of a Good Death”

Daylight porch

Daylight porch

Breakfast looked great, but we missed it to attend a brunch in Virginia Beach featuring sourdough waffles.

Sunday morning breakfast crowd.

Sunday morning breakfast crowd.

Virginia Beach Waffles

Virginia Beach Waffles

All told the Magnolia House Inn is a great place to stay. Four shower heads for this B&B.


Glassaholic: The Liberal

January 16, 2014

For a number of years, the house drink at coalstovesink bar has been the Liberal. We started making them with Torani Amer and Orange Bitters (that is, incorrectly, American style) way back when. Then we started flying Amer Picon back from France. The Amer Picon version is incredibly great.

In our studied opinion here at noplasticshowers, The Liberal is the best drink on the planet.

We even named our band The Bitter Liberals after it.

The Liberal
0.75 Bourbon (Blanton’s is a good choice)
0.75 Sweet Vermouth…use the cheap Martini variety, really
0.25 Amer Picon
shake. strain. serve up with a real Marasca cherry (Luxardo).

The Bitter Liberals: 13