Upham Hotel: Perfect Weather in Santa Barbara

November 9, 2011

Fall is in full swing in most of the United States, but not in Santa Barbara. Here it is still late summer. Wow.

The Upham Hotel is an old fashioned gem in the heart of Santa Barbara. The rooms are in various small buildings placed around an inner courtyard.

The courtyard on a gorgeous day in November,

My original room was #29, but I asked them to move me to a nicer room. I am now in the Iris room #37. Far superior room in all respects. Good idea to ask.

Each room has a gas fireplace which serves to mask the slightly mildewy California thing going on.

A fireplace lends a nice touch to the rooms.

The bedroom in #37 is spacious and nicely laid out with great windows and plenty of light. Fresh daisies on the desk!

The bathroom includes a shower bath…but we’ll pretend that it doesn’t. The tile is at least real. Nicely appointed too.

Darn bathtub thing. This is not a plastic shower, but it's not glass either.

Marble sink with furniture legs.

All in all the Upham is more quaint than hip, but a beautiful place to stay. Four showerheads in my book. UCSB must be a heck of a place to go to college.

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