Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada = good

October 29, 2009

Sometimes travel can be sweet.  My recent trip to Brasilia falls in that category.  Not only is Brasilia an interesting place to visit.  I also found a hotel to add to the list.

The Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada is a very nice hotel. It is situated by the lake and within shooting distance of the capital and the airport. But for the purposes of this blog, the bathrooms are very nice.  No plastic in sight.


Here is the all important shower. Glass and tile, situated next to the glass enclosure for the toilet (?!).  Most excellent.













Here is a view of the inside of the shower with the glass door open.  But in case you don’t go for shower stalls, there is a backup European shower available just across the room.


The rest of the bathroom is great too.  The Courtyard folks from post 1 could learn a thing or two about sinks from the Brazilians.

Of course no travel is bug free, and that goes for this trip as well.  When I arrived at the Royal Tulip after 15 hours of travel, the people at the front desk informed me that I been erroneously booked at the Golden Tulip just across the courtyard.  It was pretty clear that the Golden Tulip was not in the same league at all (something confirmed by a walk over and a quick look around).  It took some shenanigans to get things straightened out: a talk with the general manager, some email with my travel agents, and some rate negotiation.  All was well in the end, but beware of the Golden Tulip trap!

The Royal Tulip earns a five of five showerheads rating.

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