United Arrivals in Sao Paulo

October 28, 2009

Sometimes when I go to Europe I get an extra piece of paper in my boarding materials inviting me to try the United Arrivals lounge to freshen up (apparently they have them all over).  Since I usually head straight from the airport to a hotel with early check-in, I’ve never tried one.

Turns out that getting to Brasilia, Brazil from the States takes some doing.  I flew to Sao Paulo first, and then to Rio, and finally to Brasilia.  All told, the travel time was something like 15 hours.  In the middle of the trip, I ended up with a 2 hour layover in Sao Paulo where I finally tried an Arrivals lounge.

The Arrivals lounge in Sao Paulo is built into a Red Carpet club.  The lounge is difficult to find, especially if you don’t speak any Portuguese and you’re bleary from a 10 hour plane ride, but it’s worth the effort.  There are some well built little personal bathroom areas that include a shower and a changing area.  All tasteful tile and nicely appointed.  United provides bathroom amenities for the shower.  And what a nice shower!  Not a stitch of plastic to be found.

Kudos to United for making a long journey bearable with a hot shower in the morning.

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