Cowper Inn, Palo Alto, CA

January 12, 2010

Last week I stayed at a hotel that has a plastic shower—on purpose!  The Cowper Inn is one of the hotels that has been on my list forever.  I recommend it highly.  I think the first time I stayed there was in 1996.  Palo Alto is a great town, and the Inn (which is a craftsman style place) is a block from downtown.

The reason I had to stay at the cowper is kind of amusing.  I was in LA for a 2 hour meeting on Thursday, but LA was completely full due to the Rose Bowl.  So I flew north to sleep before flying back East on Friday.  Gotta love those two days of travel for two hours trips, huh?

Sorry, no picture this time.  Instead a piece of bonus travel info.  The Tamarine is a great place to eat dinner.

The Cowper gets five showerheads, but only because I am a creature of habit.

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  1. jon aliber Says:

    You need a search by city…. :)

    • showertaker Says:

      hi jon,

      I put the hotel name and the city of the hotel in all of the subject lines, so a standard search should work. That’s what the “find me a shower” widget is for. Maybe that name is too silly??!

      Shower on.


  2. […] is always nice. I have been going to the Cowper for years. See the two previous entries from 2009: Entry 1Entry […]

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