College Hotel, Amsterdam

January 28, 2010

I’ve been to Amsterdam several times but really had never found a hotel that made me happy.  That all changed this trip.  I can now heartily recommend the College Hotel.

Of course there is a catch. I checked in and got a beautiful room on a very rainy awful day. This was all good because I had a ton of work to get done. Here is a shot of the first room.

The view was gorgeous, and the bathroom was really cool too.  In fact, I was bummed that I had to leave the room when the electricity went on the fritz.  I hope the place doesn’t burn down.

Here’s the shower.

And more importantly the very well designed sink. Check out the infinite mirror effect. Could be very dangerous to certain Amsterdam visitors if you know what I mean!

But I ended up having to move and the move was non-trivial.  You see, once you give someone the best room in the hotel, it’s pretty much impossible to move them to a much inferior room!

After three attempts, I finally ended up in an upstairs room with interesting beams.  It’s shaped along with the roof of the old building.  Here is a picture of the bathroom.  Note how the sink area is directly connected to the room with a couple of long steps down.  And the mirror is tilted at 45 degrees or so (making shaving an adventure).

The shower is interesting too.  Here is a shot of the door.  Inside, the shower is shaped in a most peculiar way due to the roof line.  Also there are two showerheads…one that slides up and down Euro style, and another that is a drench shower.

The College Hotel is very likely to become my hotel of choice in Amsterdam.  Not only are the rooms great, the bar is interesting and fun, the restaurant is top notch, and the service is young and committed.  Five showerheads and an “I’ll be back.”

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  2. Marc Says:

    Please have a look at the meal I had at The College Hotel:

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