Anna Hotel, Munich

January 27, 2010

I just spent two very snowy days in Munich.  My flight from Frankfurt to Munich was canceled due to snow, which was OK anyway since the inbound jet from the States was delayed by 45 minutes while they plowed the runway. I took the train to Munich. One of my good German friends met me on Monday afternoon after I arrived and we walked around the city.  He said we covered seven of the major must see tourist sights.

I was fortunate enough to stay at the Anna Hotel which is centrally located and very nice indeed. The hotel was packed to the gills when I arrived and they tried to send me to the “old lady hotel” five star a block away. Instead I got an upgraded room at the Anna. I ended up in a round room in the tower with windows encircling the bed.

Here’s what the bedroom looked like.

The bathroom at the Anna Hotel passes muster as well.  The room was actually a small suite with an anteroom where the closet and storage area was.

The anteroom connected to the bathroom like this.

Which of course leads us to the all important shower. The shower was definitely of European design. It was quite a step into the huge deep tub. And the shower enclosure included a glass panel that covers only about 1/3 of the tub.

The shower has an adjustable showerhead and plenty of pressure.

Here’s what the shower looks like.

The Anna Hotel has a very nice bar downstairs that serves sushi in a neon-lit kinda hip atmosphere. It’s a great place to meet for drinks before dinner.

All told, the Anna gets a five showerhead rating and a place on the select list of approved hotels.

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