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February 10, 2010

I was in San Fran, not really enjoying the Palomar, when my flight back to Virginia was canceled.  Seems a snow storm that had yet to do anything was menacing the entire mid-Atlantic.  As you know I took a detour through LA (by way of the very nice Georgian Hotel).

But wait, there’s more.  The United computer rerouted me so many times (including the LA jog) that nobody was sure where I was going or how I was supposed to get there.  Nice.

So I called ’em up and booked 4 possible routes home.  All went through Denver.  Denver, hub.  Check.  The routes were: IAD, Philly, NY, Boston.  <drum roll>  And the winner is—New York!  See I was moving up the coast looking to catch a train down in case I could not make it to Dulles or Philly and so on.  And that’s what happened.

When I arrived in NY after two nicely upgraded flights, I  shleped over to the company apartment where  I was very surprised to find actual employees hanging out and making some dinner.  Much fun was had at a local hooka bar until 4am.  (OK, I was pretending to be much younger than I actually am.)  Of course the IAD flight was canceled and my two hours of beauty rest were for naught!

Turns out a good friend of mine who lives just over the hill was also trying to get back to Dulles from Seattle.  We ended up training down together on the Acela and trawling for a car service to take us to our cars at Dulles.  Much fun was had, especially with the flamer of a train waiter person.

I finally made it home just in time for the superbowl on Sunday.  Longest trip home evah.

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