Arizona Inn, Tuscon

February 18, 2010

Time warp!

The Arizona Inn in Tuscon was built a really long time ago by people of taste.  Not much has changed since then, including in the rooms.  My room was immaculate and incredibly old fashioned with wing-back chairs (that have those arm rest cover thingies), an impressive bed, gorgeous lamps, and a bathroom built just at the beginning of the indoor plumbing age.

The grounds are impressive, even at night.  And there is no winter here in Tuscon apparently.  But fair warning, the average age of a guest here seems to be 75.  If you think old fogies can be interesting like I do, you might like it.  Not a hipster in sight though.

I guess this old hotel cruises by on style points, but it’s time for them to buy some wireless access points to replace the red ethernet cables.  Then again, they do have flat screen TV in the room (which remains off.)

The library and the grounds are just gorgeous.  Here is a view of my room (it’s the one with the awning).

Lets give the Arizona Inn a 4 showerheads rating, what say?

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