Begijnhof Hotel, Leuven, Belgium

February 25, 2010

The Begijhof Hotel is in the Groot begijnhof Leuven created almost 1000 years ago.  A magical place (even in the constant rain), walking around the neighborhood on cobbles put down forever ago is an experience not to be missed.   And to think of the society that allowed for strong, unmarried women to exist unharassed in the dark ages!

Sadly, though the hotel is one of the best in Leuven and is merely an adequate place…very basically adequate.  Paper thin walls (truly noisy) and functional yet uninspired design is not what I look for in a place to stay.  Particle board furniture R not us.

As an example, here is the Holiday Inn style obligatory shower shot.  See how well this shower rule works?

A slightly more direct shot next…really there is nothing at all inspired about the rooms.

On the plus side, the breakfast room is nice, and Leuven is a great little town full of academics.  The University here was one of the first ever founded in the world by Pope Gregory in 1425.  Lots of beer has been quaffed here by many a coed.

I always enjoy my time in Leuven, but I really do have to find a better place to stay.

Only two showerheads of five for the hotel.  If you have suggestions for Leuven, do tell!

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