Guesthouse (undisclosed location)

May 30, 2010

I recently had a guest from Belgium stay in the newly-renovated guesthouse at my place. Here is what the guest had to say:

After having stayed some days at a Marriott Courtyard (cf. an earlier blog entry for a taste, they’re probably the same everywhere), the one night at the guesthouse (in an anonymous location) was a real refresher.

A spacious room, filled with a grand piano, big library, nice couch, a great bed, and free wifi. But above all, in the spirit of this blog, the shower is brilliant – spacious, nice mosaic finishing, sliding glass door, brushed aluminium handle, just perfect.

I had a great night, still being jet lagged that says much. And waking up in full green nature is a bonus, the birds welcomed the new day with beautiful songs.

To wrap up, it’s also worth mentioning the beautiful golden retriever that whipped its tail so friendly when heading to breakfast (real espresso, and eggs laid by the local chickens the night before, neat …). 5 stars.

[That is, five showerheads…]

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  1. EuropGirl Says:


  2. bvc Says:

    A true GEM of a place, I can vouch for it. Reservations are hard to come by though.

  3. […] you can see, the sink is in the room itself (a design element incorporated into the guesthouse, though the guesthouse sink is adapted from an old coal stove) and the bathroom is pretty tiny. […]

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  7. showertaker Says:

    The guesthouse now has its own virtual guestbook blog called Coal Stove Sink.

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