Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, NC

May 25, 2010

I worry a bit about hotels that call themselves luxury hotels as a marketing tool. Must appeal to some other demographic than mine?! In any case, the Ritz in Charlotte sure beats the heck out of the Courtyard by Marriott just down the street!

The room is (dare I say it) generic luxury, with marble and wood and very nicely appointed. The bathroom and shower rooms are sizable and have many separate cubicles. And a new thing for me, though I had heard of it before and never seen it…a TV built into the mirror in the bathroom. In case you want to, um, watch gomer pyle while you shave??

As always, it’s a challenge to get the feel of the marble palace of a bathroom across with my simple digital camera.

Here’s the TV.

Perhaps one day there will be a boutique hotel in Charlotte. In the meantime, I definitely prefer self-proclaimed luxury over hamster cage plastic. Four showerheads for the Ritz.

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  1. […] 8, 2010 I stayed at the ritz in Charlotte as recently as this May; and I am happy to report it is the same. There are still TVs in the bathroom mirror. The showers […]

  2. […] at the Ritz Carlton you might expect a glass shower, right? Like the ones in Charlotte. Sadly, Atlanta appears to be a hotel desert. And as such, even the Ritz (the Ritz!!) has plastic […]

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