Bellevue Club Hotel, Bellvue, WA

May 19, 2010

The Bellevue Club Hotel is a beautiful little luxury hotel very close to Microsoft (6 miles or so). I’ve stayed here a few times, and each time my stay has been enjoyable. The staff is exceptional, and the rooms are great. My only problem over the years has been late arrivals and a closed restaurant, but such are the hazards of travel.

The rooms are understated and sophisticated with very nice furnishings and plenty of space to work and relax. And the bathrooms are world class.

Here’s a shot of the shower through the bathroom door. Note the mirror effect (which is similar to the College Hotel in Amsterdam).

Not only is the bathroom beautifully appointed, the shower in my room this time is huge and has two showerheads. Seems like fun! Too bad I am here all by myself.

The Bellevue club is definitely on my short list of great places ti stay. There are a couple of other very nice hotels in downtown Seattle that I also like, but they are pretty far away from the evil Empire. I will definitely be back.

I suppose given two actual showers in the shower that the Bellevue should qualify for 10 showerheads! But 5 is the max and 5 it is.

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