70 Park Hotel, NY, NY

April 28, 2010

Uh oh, seems like I have been sucked in by yet another loyalty program.  First it was United, and now it’s the Kimpton chain!  I am a big fan of Kimptons, it’s true, but when in NY I have stayed for years at the Morgan’s Hotel.  Then came the Kimpton invasion.  Now my default hotel appears to be 70 Park.

I discovered last night that my camera battery is dead (one of the hazards of storing it in my computer bag where it sometimes gets jiggled and turns on), so no pictures of the funky bathroom in this room.  Like in other Kimpton’s my mileage has varied at 70 Park, especially when the UN is in session.  Seems that foreign dignitaries like this hotel too.

This time I have a crazily shaped room with a long L-shaped bathroom that has a miniature non-plastic shower.  It’s a one night trip to NY this go ’round, so it’ll do.

70 Park earns an abbreviated review and 4 showerheads of 5.

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  1. showertaker Says:

    A more recent review of 70Park, this one with the obligatory shower pictures is now available. See the new review.

  2. […] it was back to 70Park on my most recent trip to NY. 70Park has a checkered past with me…sometimes just fine and other times not so […]

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