Conrad Hotel, Indianapolis

April 15, 2010

The Conrad is part of the Hilton chain, but it is a very nice hotel. It’s about as good as things get in Indy. I have to come here once a year, so it is good that I found a decent place to stay.

In fact, last time I was here they gave me a beautiful suite and I have been asking for the same treatment ever since. It seems to be working.

Here is the sitting room.

And as you can see, the shower has no sign of plastic whatsoever. These glass and marble cubicles are cool.

So it turns out that big chains do have something to offer on occasion. I’m pretty sure I would be hard pressed to find a mixology bar in this city though. Maybe in Bloomington (which is about an hour down the road) where Indiana University is. Meanwhile if you stop off in a vowel state instead of flying over them as usual, stop in at the Conrad.

The Conrad earns a 4 showerheads rating. Just not hip enough for a 5, but a very nice place indeed.

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