Hotel Ritter, Heidelberg, Germany = old dame

April 9, 2010

The venerable old Hotel Ritter in Heidelberg has been serving guests since the Renaissance. As one of the only German cities not bombed to smithereens during WWII, Heidelberg attracts lots of attention and tourists. Entire herds of Japanese tourists flush through with regularity.

The Hotel has a very friendly staff and a quirky set of interconnected old buildings filled with antiques. The breakfast room is gorgeous. Ritter fits Heidelberg to a T.

For the European extravaganza, we requested a family room and ended up with two rooms connected by a small sitting room with a spiral staircase. The rooms are nice enough, though they have very modern furnishings out of touch with the feel of the hotel. The bathrooms are generic Euro bathroom.

The obligatory bathroom shots show the pretend marble which may actually be some kind of (dare we say it) plastic.

Really the only major problem with the Hotel Ritter is the ridiculous European paid internet system. If you bring along your own DNS server on your laptop everything will work just fine for free…but that would be bad behavior.

Hotel Ritter earns a four showerhead rating.

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