hotelBloom, Brussels, Belgium = Almost reasonable

April 8, 2010

The problem with the hotelBloom is that they are slightly too hip for their britches. The hotel itself is decent, especially if you’re travelling for business. It sure beats a Sheraton or the phenomenally-ugly Hilton that dominates the skyline near the King’s palace (yes, they still have a King in Belgium?!). But the staff at the front seems to have forgotten that the guests are essential for running a hotel. Time to listen to your customers guys. My bet is they’ll learn.

Anyway, this is the second time I have stayed at hotel Bloom. The first time I had a huge palace of a room. (That was pre-blog but only in the Fall of 2009.) This time I was travelling with my son and my dad again. It took us multiple room switches to get into one that we could fit in. Ultimately the room was nice but pretty generic. The shower says it all of course…

As you can see in the classic “backwards mirror” shot, there’s not much here to write home about. Just a Euro-shower that will soak the floor if you use it wrong. Here’s another shot for good measure.

Anyway, hotel Bloom has a great bar with a budding mixologist and some very interesting drinks on the menu. They need to add a reasonable top shelf to the bar and thus improve the bourbon selection in order to be an outstanding bar. But Marco knows what he’s doing so that is likely to happen.

If hotel Bloom were not so hip that it trips over its own fancy tail, it would get a nice high rating. There’s some work to do, though, so we’ll give it a four showerheads rating.

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