NPS is not a first-timer at the Alexis, but we sure do miss our guy Keith (once concierge) who is no longer at Kimpton. Because we have no feet on the ground at the hotel, we had to rely on social media and the CRM system that Kimpton uses to track its guests. Guess what? Knowing people beats the heck out of any computer-based guest database. Especially a guest database that elides the only real hotel room criteria we hold dear.

Which is a short way of saying, “WTF Kimpton, a room with a plastic shower??!” Really, the warm greeting by Sam, the sparkling water, the really beautiful newly-renovated room, all that stuff means not a thing if the shower is plastic. We’ll pay more. We’ll do pretty much whatever it takes to avoid the shower over bathtub thing. We’ll even cash in our loyalty and find a different hotel.


The first room was 634. It had a plastic shower. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Lets review.

This is a plastic shower. It looks not too awful from here.

But when you approach, the plastic liner becomes apparent

And this bendy “obesity bar” which is not up to the task of such heavy plastic.

Gross. This is just gross. We do not do this.

And over a step in bathtub. No no. A thousand times no.

We tried to make this all very obvious.

Does the machine have a memory??

The rest of the bathroom is very nice and spacious

So lets put this shower episode behind us and hope somebody out there in Kimpton CRM-land is paying attention.

Leave the bathroom behind. Never go back.

High style evident

Cluttered quirky and fun

This is just fine.

Sparkling water is always very nice, and we do appreciate that.

But we do not at all like this trend where our rooms are bugged. Please make these spy devices that invade privacy optional Kimpton.

No bugs please. Spy on your spouse not on your guests.

Anyway, for the record, the Alexis has a great little bar called The Library, where from time to time great bourbon flows through.

The next morning, a room adjustment was already underway. That is good. But it was already too late.

Breakfast at Biscuit Bitch is worth seeking out, even if you have to trawl for a table.

And then work. And then some sailing.

We did some racing, and the good news is that we won first place in our class (really great huge boats that start late and come in last).

By the time the ferry shenanigans finished up, it was midnight and time for the room switch. Imagine our surprise when told that the water was off for maintenance. The Alexis can’t win for losing this trip. We were assigned room 425 which was very nice. We spent 5 hours in it all told.

Though we really do appreciate the shower in room 425, it works better when the water is on.

New room for you

The staff left a very nice amenity which there was no time to get into. Sadly, the water was not sparkly, though who knows it might have started out that way hours earlier.


The bathroom is very spacious and awesome. Wish there were more time to use it properly.

Big giant tub with its own platform

Now that’s better Alexis. A glass shower!

All told this chunky visit to the Alexis deserves three showerheads on average. Plastic showers bring your final semester grade way down here at NPS university.

The concierge at the Hotel Marlowe (in Boston) was the best. But then he was gone. And now he’s back where he started from in Seattle! Hot damn.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Alexis Hotel in Seattle for the first time and there behind the desk was Keith Dowsing. He recognized me immediately (and vice versa). The planet is small.

I definitely like having people I know figure out which room I end up in. Then again, there can be some interesting quirks, viz, this room (638) is a bit odd since it is the honeymoon suite. What?!

Check out the art. All wedding photos. A bit disconcerting!

Design sensibility abounds. But what is this? A CD payer? Antiques.

What kind of bed goes in a honeymoon suite? A big one like this.

The all important shower is in a palatial bathroom replete with a gigantic hot tub podium and a settee, and the shower itself has a two headed shower and a glass door. Does this make the Alexis eligible for ten showerheads? Hmm. Well,um.

The two headed shower is hard to capture in bits. It’s about 8 feet long.

The hot tub podium. Three steps up not shown.

Probably the only iffy design feature of the honeymoon suite is the long long hall. It displays a bunch of wedding pictures. It’s long so that the bathroom fits.

The long long hall.

After I settled in to get some work done, guest services arrived with a welcome package. Very nice indeed. And sparkling water = yay! Thank you keith.

Cheese plate good.

Want to make this blog happy? Try a note like this! Rock on no plastic showers.

So the Alexis is a five showerhead place. Bonus. Another great Kimpton property.

Dinner at the trendy Anchovies and Olives was very good. Low key. Great wait staff who made us only eat olives but not anchovies. We brought our own wine, but the list trends Italian properly.

And the bar at the hotel is actually good. Hirsch 16? Dang. Bottle 3 on the planet (Blue Smoke and the Alembic) and priced way too low. Come buy it. We were served by the enthusiastic Devon Fiene.

Good bourbon.

I have reviewed the Bellevue Club Hotel before and it’s still great. The staff is superb, the rooms are excellent, and the showers will do just fine. The shower:

A little closer:

The shower in room 109 was not as good as the one in room 112. So next time I need to specify my room number. On checkin, room 112 was already occupied this time. Alas.

About the only thing the Bellevue club could improve is their bar, which remains trapped somewhere in the 1980s.

This problem is easy to remedy with a trip to one of Seattle’s superior drinking establishments. This time I went to Tavern Law where I had a house-made drink featuring Swedish Punsch. Very nice, but the place is pretentious in a way that the west coast mixology people are. Better than Tavern Law is the place I went last time called Vessel. Go there instead and spare yourself the attitude.

Bellevue club retains its five showerheads rating.

The Bellevue Club Hotel is a beautiful little luxury hotel very close to Microsoft (6 miles or so). I’ve stayed here a few times, and each time my stay has been enjoyable. The staff is exceptional, and the rooms are great. My only problem over the years has been late arrivals and a closed restaurant, but such are the hazards of travel.

The rooms are understated and sophisticated with very nice furnishings and plenty of space to work and relax. And the bathrooms are world class.

Here’s a shot of the shower through the bathroom door. Note the mirror effect (which is similar to the College Hotel in Amsterdam).

Not only is the bathroom beautifully appointed, the shower in my room this time is huge and has two showerheads. Seems like fun! Too bad I am here all by myself.

The Bellevue club is definitely on my short list of great places ti stay. There are a couple of other very nice hotels in downtown Seattle that I also like, but they are pretty far away from the evil Empire. I will definitely be back.

I suppose given two actual showers in the shower that the Bellevue should qualify for 10 showerheads! But 5 is the max and 5 it is.