Bellevue Club Hotel, Bellvue, WA

November 5, 2010

I have reviewed the Bellevue Club Hotel before and it’s still great. The staff is superb, the rooms are excellent, and the showers will do just fine. The shower:

A little closer:

The shower in room 109 was not as good as the one in room 112. So next time I need to specify my room number. On checkin, room 112 was already occupied this time. Alas.

About the only thing the Bellevue club could improve is their bar, which remains trapped somewhere in the 1980s.

This problem is easy to remedy with a trip to one of Seattle’s superior drinking establishments. This time I went to Tavern Law where I had a house-made drink featuring Swedish Punsch. Very nice, but the place is pretentious in a way that the west coast mixology people are. Better than Tavern Law is the place I went last time called Vessel. Go there instead and spare yourself the attitude.

Bellevue club retains its five showerheads rating.

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