Hotel Monaco, Alexandria, VA

October 21, 2010

After flying all day back from Rome, I was due in Washington for a two day meeting. I’ve found that avoiding the HOV restrictions in Washington requires either staying in the city the night before or driving in insanely early. This time, I chose to stay close to the city at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, VA.

Hotel Monaco is a Kimpton, and you already know how I feel about that chain. I’m pleased to report that the staff at the Monaco is excellent, interactive, and mostly informed. I recommend the rooms with balconies that overlook the internal courtyard. Here’s the view from room 447.

Bathrooms are fairly standard as far as Kimptons go. Nice marble shower over a heavy duty tub in the case of the Monaco. The shower I took after 10 hours in a plane felt great.

The wallpaper actually looks slightly spiffier in person than it does in these pictures. Very tasteful.

On the strength of its staff, the Hotel Monaco earns a five showerheads rating. I’ve stayed here before and I will stay here again.

Mixology-wise, Alexandria has a superb mixologist at the Restaurant Eve bar where they make a majority of their own ingredients. Also the bartender at the Majestic Cafe is very good and knowledgeable. He turned me on to Leopolds Gin which is made in Virginia.

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