Historic Inns of Annapolis = Historical

November 10, 2010

I just checked in to the Historic Inns of Annapolis where we are running a conference. It’s a beautiful day and I drove here to Annapolis with my convertible top down. The State House section of Annapolis is gorgeous, filled to the brim with historical buildings in a Colonial layout.

I’m staying at the Calvert House (one of the several Inns) in room 416. My room has very nice antiques set in a dormer with New England windows looking over the Maryland State House. It’s fairly modern (with a flat screen TV), but the bathroom facilities are pretty much generic hotel bathroom. Here’s a shot of the shower and the rest of the tiny bathroom. The shower is really not much of an experience.

The shower curtain is lace in a nod to antiquity. Very, um, colonial? I guess blown glass showers were not available way back when.

One strange design problem with the current Calvert House is that the entrance hall has been positioned in the basement. So instead of walking up the steps into a grand hall (must be in there somewhere), you walk under the stairs and into the ancient kitchen level. Minus 20 for the architects who thought that was a good idea.

While wandering around town before the beginning of our event, I discovered Osteria 177 (on Main Street) with an actual mixologist named Luke. Excellent beverages. Here is a drink that Luke invented called the Gia. Sadly, Luke rolls up his virtual sidewalk at 10 with the rest of Annapolis after which it’s Irish pub or bed for you.

1.5oz Stoli white Pomegranite vodka
.25oz lime
.25 on St Germain
1 oz Fever Tree tonic water
Lime twist squeezed over the top

Shake, add ice, shake again. Serve in a martini glass with lime twist over the top.

The Calvert House earns a strong three showerheads rating. Probably about as high as a colonial inn can get.

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