70Park NY, NY is slipping

August 6, 2010

I think I may have been spoiled by “no fly July” this year.  After a relaxing month with no airplanes or airports, August arrived.  Trip number one was a quick flit up to NY city.  The airport was chock full of boy scouts returning home from the National Jamboree—thousands of them.  Even security in the top secret “Dulles Diamond” checkin by baggage claim 7 took 20 minutes.  Welcome back to air travel!

The flight was uneventful as was the ride into town.  Unfortunately, I arrived in the city way early.  70Park, which for a time was my default NY hotel was busy.  I think the tourists have discovered it.  I was not able to check in any earlier than 1:30.  I did take advantage of the Kimpton Intouch free wifi deal to refactor my plans for the day in the lobby.

When I returned to the hotel and got my bags out of hock, I was assigned a tiny little room on the 9th floor.  70Park is looking a little weather beaten to me these days.  The rooms are nicely appointed, but they do differ radically.

As always, small bathrooms are tough to capture in bits.  Here is a “mirror” picture of the shower.  I admit this was staged.  I opened the shower curtain so you can see the shower head.  The best part of this shower from the perspective of this blog is that it is built to look plastic—but it isn’t.  The small glass tiles set like bricks are actually small glass tiles.  Amusing.

Here is a more direct picture of the shower.  The shower head is very nice as are the controls.

Anyway, from a pure shower perspective, 70Park is doing OK.  Yet I am unsatisfied enough with my generic experience this trip to go back to the Morgans next time I am due in the city (either that or stay at the company apartment).  Maybe it was all the tourists that are throwing me off my game?  Or maybe the rock in the middle of my river where official “no fly July” meetings happen has me spoiled.

70Park slips to three showerheads from four.  A nice little boutique for sure, but beginning to feel more and more like a Marriott than it should.

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